Local’s Corner – Restaurants and Eateries


First Edition

The “Corner” is an informal survey of locals – friends, family and coworkers along with information from the Bubba Awards – a more extensive survey of locals preferences.  Key West has lots of terrific restaurants so we will be updating the “Corner” on a regular basis. 


So here you are in Key West.  What do you want to do? Where do you want to eat?  You know you don’t want to spend a ton of money for mediocre food.  So let’s do this……Let’s look at it the way you would if you lived here.  We don’t want to eat at the most expensive restaurants either  but we do want tasty food.  So in “The Corner” we will weigh in on our suggestions for good Keys eating.  We have a lot of good ones but we will start with a few of the stars and update regularly. The next edition will include some fancier restaurants that are wonderful but mostly saved for special times….family is here, you want to treat yourself, you are dying for the Grouper Bites Salad (at Salute).




Off the Hook

920 Caroline St. One of Lisa’s favorites!  It’s an easy walk from anywhere in Old Town. This is one of our go to spots as it’s situated in Old Town but has a very private feel.  They have indoor and outdoor dining.  The outdoor dining area lovely with palm trees and other tropical vegetation tucked between the tables. Most nights, one or two people play music providing such a pleasant atmosphere.  The service has been excellent. Try one of their pizzas or the organic veggie burger or Ahi Tuna BLT Burger.  Pooches are welcome!  They offer a Doggie Menu – Sliced Marrow Bone for $5 with the proceeds going to ASPCA.  (They have my vote just for that).


Geiger Key Marina

About 13 miles north of Key West and worth every mile – many patrons ride their bikes. Located on the water – right on the water – it offers wonderful fresh seafood dishes, grouper tacos, pink shrimp, conch chowder, conch fritters, salads and more.  The ambiance is marvelously unique- situated on a wide canal across from a mangrove island.  In addition to the people passing by on boats, the occasional dolphin or manatee slowly slide by the dock checking out the humans. Many evenings they offer music.    This is definitely a “Locals” favorite.


Keys Coffee

For breakfast and Lunch – you can not beat Keys Coffee for delicious fare – you really won’t find much better anywhere.  Just look at this menu –  Their coffee is excellent and that’s saying something in Key West – a town that truly “gets” coffee.  While Cuban Coffee – café con leche, bucchi etc are the staples here – their Cold Brew coffees make a strong appearance.   To be honest, the menu choices are so good that you could pick almost anything on the menu and truly enjoy your meal.  It’s located 1 block from Duval Street at 505 Southard Street.


Five Brothers

Five Brothers, located at the corner of Southard and Grinnell Streets,  is truly the epitome of local.  At 6AM locals gather on the side walk waiting for it to open.  This is a generational business and has truly loyal customers.  True Cuban Coffee is their staple. The coffee is my favorite – and very reasonable.  They offer a great menu of breakfast sandwiches (egg and cheese bread is my favorite and a local staple), lunch sandwiches including Cuban Mix, Midnight, hamburgers and more.  Very reasonable and great food!  Located in a charming part of Old Town, it’s a fun stop and you amble around town.  Five Brothers won the “Bubba Awards” again in 2020.  Truly a local spot.



My friend, Teresa, gives SINZ five stars! One of her faves.  Everything is homemade and delicious.  The owners are totally customer oriented and do their best to accommodate particular requests. Her go to dishes are the tacos, homemade quacomole, and the queso dip. The menu offers “Greed Ground Beef “, “Gluttony Pork”, “Sloth Black Beans” “Envy Refried Beans”.  How could you go wrong?  They make there own chips.  Everything is fresh. Ambiance is funky, colorful and offers a  great bar with reasonably priced drinks.  Sinz is great fun and has  great chow!


Harpoon Harry’s

Breakfast all day.  On any given morning by 7AM, the street is lined with bicycles and mopeds – local customers having a great breakfast at Harpoon Harrys.  Harpoon Harrys is located one block from the bight and docks. Prices are great for wonderful comfort food.  The breakfast choices include steak and eggs, pork chops and eggs, eggs benedict, and BELT (Bacon, Egg, Lettuce and Tomato) sandwich.  Lunch specials are different each day….Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes, Lasagna, Pot Roast, Turkey.  You kind of feel loved after a good meal at Harpoon Harrys.  Located on Caroline and Margaret Streets.


Shanna Key Irish Pub and Grill

Off the beaten path but that doesn’t keep locals from getting there.  Located on the corner of First Street and Flagler Avenue, Shanna Key is a great all round bar and grill with superb food.  My friend Teresa loves this spot (she give it another Five Star rating).  Her favorite day is Turkey Tuesday.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce….Teresa says it’s enough for 2 people.  Shepherds Pie, Fish and Chips and Liver and Onions are some of the local favorites.


Mangia Mangia

Mangia Mangia has been a favorite for locals in Key West for a long time.  Their homemade pasta comes in lots of sizes and shapes and is delightful.  And for those who can’t have gluten ,they also make gluten free pasta  onsite and is just delicious. You can sit inside in the bright but cozy dining room or outside in the tropical garden.  Set in the heart of the Old Town neighborhood on the corner of Southard and Margaret Streets, patrons walk, bike and scooter to Mangia Mangia for tasty dinners and a fun evening with friends.