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Why List with Southernmost Island Realty?


Who you use to market your home is an important and sometimes overwhelming decision.
What criteria should you use to make this decision?

Here are a few pointers that might be helpful.

1. Experience. We all have lived in Key West for many years and understand its quirks. Key ...

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Canadian Buyers are Wonderful!!!!

Canadian Buyers Welcome
This is the first of our Wonderful Canadian Buyers Series………….

Take some time and read this article.  If you are looking to sell your property, don’t leave out the Canadian buyers!   When you think of international buyers, do you think of our neighbors to the north? You should—Canadians bought a whopping $9.4 billion ...

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Selling Your House – First, Get it Ready!

 When selling your house in Key West, these are some things to consider:


Be sure to price your property competitively.  Either have an appraisal done or have your agent conduct a Comparative Market Analysis.  Typically the agent will give you a price range that would be appropriate for marketing your home based on current market data.  If you start at the top of the range, ...

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