SOUTHERNMOST ISLAND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: We offer long term property management services. Monthly (30 day minimum) to annual leases – annual leases comprise the majority of our leased properties. If you are considering moving to Key West, contact us well in advance of your move. Both long and short term housing in Key West are in short supply. If you are considering purchasing a home as an investment, that’s good news as there is strong demand and short supply for rental housing. If you are planning on renting your newly purchased home, let us know before you close. We will begin the process of locating a good tenant for your property.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A RENTAL IN KEY WEST: Be ready, be ready, be ready. If you are looking for a long term rental, you will need to be ready to make a move if something comes along. We can help research the market so you know what to expect in regard to rental rates.  Be sure you have a good idea of what  you can afford for rent – take into account utilities that might be your responsibility.  How many bedrooms and baths do you need, do you need off street parking (hard to come by), do you want to be in Old Town, New Town, on the water?  Lots of choices so be ready.  Likely, you will be surprised at what is actually available here.  Start early so you will have the time to investigate the market. Be able to verify that you can supply first and last month rent and security deposit so that the owner and/or property manager will recognize that you are a strong tenant, be sure and fill out all forms along with references, income sources, present and past employment and present and past rental history.

RENTING VS BUYING:  In Key West the rental rates are relatively high.  If you determine that you can afford to pay rent, you also may qualify for financing to purchase.  If you have the requisite down payment, you may be better off buying. If you do have an interest in exploring the idea of purchasing before you sign a lease, talk to us.  We can help you locate a lender that could give you an idea of how much of a loan you could qualify for. If you can pay $2200 to $2500/month in rent, the likelihood that you can qualify for a mortgage is good.  We can help you figure that out.