Real Estate Agency Key West FL


Who you use to market your home is an important and sometimes overwhelming decision. What criteria should you use to make this decision?

Here are a few pointers that might be helpful.
1. Experience. We all have lived in Key West for many years and understand its quirks. Key West is an unusual city. The homes vary widely in style, permitted use as per zoning, age, location and design. Prices range widely as well depending on those characteristics. All of us have many years in the real estate field and have lived in Key West for many years. In addition, we have a wide breadth of experience including property management, appraising, development, and working with both buyers and sellers. Anne Barnett has owned her own real estate brokerage since 1994 and is a State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser. Donna Windle has managing property for owners in Key West for many years. Buyers appreciate the additional benefit in having a property manager available when purchasing an income property. Lurey Taylor has lived in Key West since 1977 and works with both buyers and sellers.

2. Property Management – Property management is an attractive asset to buyers in Key West. We have an experienced property manager with our team. Donna Windle has been managing property for many years. This has proven to be an attractive asset to buyers who many be purchasing with the idea of renting until they can move permanently.

3. Marketing – Appropriate marketing is crucial. Today, social media has been proven to be the most effective method of reaching our target buyers:
★Facebook paid ads
★ Craigs List
★ website. We include videos, pictures, and descriptive texts for each listing.
★Google My Business
★Southernmost Island Realty Youtube channel
★ Key West MLS. We take many pictures and videos of each listing to enable buyers to be able to visualize the property.
★International marketing sites available through the CIPS designation

4. International Marketing. Anne Barnett has Certified International Property Specialist designation. International buyers typically use cash for their purchases, which makes them attractive buyers. But as in all cultures, it is wise to pay attention to their particular customs. Because of the CIPS designation, we are able to advertise in particular countries, we can target the countries that have the strongest interest in our country. Canadians are one of the strongest buyers of real estate in Florida.

5. Local Presence. We all live in Key West full time and have been here for many years. Hence, we understand local zoning and what buyers are looking for. We know what questions to ask to help them narrow down their dream home objective. And, we know this is an expensive market so we make a great effort to help them get their financing so they can buy a property that truly works for them.

After you make your decision, be sure and talk to your agent about your part in marketing your home. You are a very important player in this process.