Lurey Taylor – Licensed Real Estate Agent

Lurey has lived and worked in Key West since 1977.  She has extensive knowledge of her island home and the lower Keys.  Because the Keys and Key West have many delightful but unusual characteristics, when buying or selling real estate here, it’s very important to work with someone that understands the things that can impact a real estate transaction.  Prior to receiving her real estate license in 2005, Lurey worked in the hospitality industry.  That experience helped her understand the “other side” of the Key West population – that of people that aren’t familiar with the town and may not understand it’s quirks. 
Lurey is a member of the Key West Moose Lodge and volunteers there three nights a week.  She is also a member of the Key West Board of Realtors and
Lurey loves to garden and she also enjoys making wind chimes from glass and driftwood found in the Keys.