We have loved our clients, many of whom have turned into wonderful friends…

Anne Barnett helped me purchase my current home, and I can’t speak highly enough of the professional and personal qualities she brought to the table. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about her market and all the other aspects of real estate transactions, but she is diligent, ethical, caring and a pleasure to work with. She is someone who will kindly give you her honest opinion and respect yours. Having bought and sold several houses over the past several decades, I am highly aware of the multiple ways one wants to be able to trust and respect one’s realtor. Anne fills the bill on all counts, and I recommend her services without qualification.

Donna Mitchell, July 1, 2017

I would like to share my very positive experience with Anne Barnett during my recent land purchase. She worked closely with me and was very accessible during all phases from beginning to completion of this real estate transaction, making sure that I was kept well informed, answering all of my questions, and addressing any issues during this process.

She was an excellent liaison between the seller, my real estate attorney and me, providing the necessary information and communication needed to carry out the sale and purchase of this property.

I was impressed with her expertise and thoroughness, and I would say that she went above and beyond in performing her job as a real estate agent. I would highly recommend her.

Barbara Sherrill 7/3/2017

If not for Anne Barnett, I would be stuck with a property unsuitable for me, and I would have been lost in the tangle of contracts, negotiations, and all else that goes with the home buying process. With her 23 years in the business, she guided me through several real estate endeavors (both buying and selling). Most recently, she led the way in my Florida home purchase. She ranks among the best in the business.

Jane Wood, July 2017