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International Marketing Southernmost Island Realty

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Key West is a well known “destination” city. We get many, many global visitors here each year. Florida captures the highest percent of foreign buyers (22%) and is the most popular state for Canadian buyers. Because foreign buyers pay for their purchase with cash in a greater number than US buyers do, it is a great market to target. While there are certain important aspects that need to be addressed for a foreign buyers, for the most part selling to them is relatively easy.

However, it is important to keep in mind that working with foreign buyers presents its own set of challenges. Depending on which country they came from, buying property in the United States may be vastly different from what they have been taught in their own country. Often, time is not an issue for them, contracts may not be adhered to, and simple cultural politeness differs depending on which country they come from. Paying attention to their specific needs is very important.

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